In many ways a building is similar to a person, in that it has specific character that can be portrayed in a host of different ways. A particular viewpoint or lighting effect can change the emphasis of the picture completely. It is up to the artist to decide on the best approach and to plan the image accordingly, bearing in mind the effect and qualities of natural light on subject and form. The final image should capture the essence of the building as opposed to just its look. 

The result is a series of highly subjective images, where the approach to composition and printing is designed to show what the building feels like, not just what it looks like. 

Anderson & Low's architectural works have been exhibited world-wide, and including major museums in the USA and Australia.They have created what is probably the seminal art image of Battersea Power Station; this was acquired by the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. 
Interior #1 Interior #2 Interior #3 Arken Arken Arken Arken Roof Scape Battersea Power Station Parc del Litoral Houses of Parliament Millennium Wheel Disney Concert Hall Melbourne Sydney Opera House Temple of Dawn Bangkok Bangkok Crystal Palace Dome, Rome Temple, Nara Empire State Building (fog) Skyscraper, New York