Champions: Portraits by Anderson & Low to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation 

Striking, iconic nude studies of leading international athletes photographed by Anderson & Low form the basis of this first showing of their Champions portfolio. These works celebrate the achievements and physique of international sportspersons at the height of their careers through classically posed, black and white portraits. 

Several years in preparation, the portfolio was produced in support of the Elton John AIDS Foundation to raise awareness about the global issues of HIV/AIDS. The subjects for the portraits are drawn from a range of sporting disciplines and include Thierry Henry, Matt Dawson, Billie Jean King, Mark Foster and Venus Williams. By participating, these sports stars have drawn attention to the importance and relevance of continued educa-tion, prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS. 

Sir Elton John, Chairman of the Elton John AIDS Foundation, said of the premiere exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, "I am delighted that the National Portrait Gallery is hosting this exhibition of wonderful photographs of internationally renowned male and female athletes. Anderson & Low have caught in these heroic images of the human body at peak physical condition just how frail, vulnerable and defenceless we all are in the face of such a pernicious virus as HIV". 

Portfolios of works from this project have been acquired by museums in the USA and Australia. 

The Elton John AIDS Foundation aims to provide funding for educational programmes targeted at HIV/AIDS prevention and/or the elimination of prejudice and discrimination against HIV/AIDS-affected individuals, and for programmes that provide services to people living with or at risk from HIV/AIDS. 

Premiere exhibition, Champions at National Portrait Gallery, London, UK , October 2008 -March 2009, 
The book Champions published by Lucky Panda Press, 2008. Text by: Sir Elton John, Thierry Henry, Sandy Nairne (Director, National Portrait Gallery) and Anderson & Low. 
Venus Williams, Tennis Player, USA Darren Mew Swimmer UK Terrell Owens, Football Player, USA Steve McCain, Gymnast, USA Karen Pickering, Swimmer, UK Ross Brewer, Gymnast, UK Frederick Bousquet, Swimmer, France Mathew Taylor, Football Player, UK Nataliya Piontek & Mykhaylo Pavlov, Trapeze Artists and Gymnasts,  Ukraine Robin Francis, Swimmer, UK Joe Worsley, Rugby Player, UK Jane Smith, Diver, UK Terrell Owens, American Football Player, USA Carlie Gidman, Diver, Australia Gary Hall Junior Swimmer USA Venus Williams, Tennis Player, USA Tim DeBoom, Triathlete, USA Juliet Campbell, Sprinter, Jamaica James Gibson, Swimmer, UK Simon Jones, Cricketer, England & Wales Therese Alshammar, Swimmer, Sweden (Cropped Version) James Beattie, Football Player, UK Michelle Engelsman Swimmer Australia Mark Foster Swimmer UK