Road Journey

Travelling in America, there is virtue in eschewing the dizzying network of multi-lane expressways in favour of the slower, quieter two-lane roads. Driving these routes reveals a nation's truer spirit, apparent in its array of landscapes, vistas, and people.

This collection of photographs is a journey in its own right. The images here represent places thousands of miles apart, yet they share an unmistakable closeness. Utah's rock formations are breathtaking at first sight, while the empty expanses of the Midwest or the Arizona desert can take hours, even days, to work on you.

But in all cases, the land speaks in a consistent tone that says something unique about America: There is an air of independence and possibility here. We listen for these whispers. When we hear them we pull the car over and capture them.

The same spirit in America's natural places is present in its people. Barbershop customers and cafe's, diners in Texas are as rich and textured as the skies above Minnesota or Wisconsin.

These are discoveries that we never would have made by getting to our destination too quickly. Perhaps there is a truth here: the rewards for getting lost, in letting our camera be our compass, can be the greatest.

Storm, New Mexico Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Dallas, Texas Gas Station Ruin, Texas  Ruin, Texas Cowboy on Motorway, Teas Colorado Snow Road Arizona Colorado Utah Storm #1 Utah Storm #2 New Mexico Sky, Utah Utah Storm, New Mexico (Cropped Version) Utah Utah Tree New Mexico Chimayo, New Mexico New Mexico Mew Mexico Colorado Colorado Utah Lousisiana Lousisiana Lousisiana Broken Spoke, Austin, Texas Broken Spoke, Austin, Texas Broken Spoke, Austin, Texas Gas station, Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas