Voyages continues the exploration of several recurrent themes in our work: the relationship between fantasy, artifice and perceived reality, pushing the boundaries of what a photograph is “supposed to do”, and relating these concepts to art history.
These images depict the ship models from the Science Museum’s extraordinary stores, re-presented and re-imagined through elegant means: simply by not removing the protective sheeting that covers the model ships, that additional layer acts as a prism, separating out an entire spectrum of previously hidden dramas for these tiny facsimiles. Looking through this additional layer realigns both scale and context. In this process associations have emerged with historical depictions of ships and seas, and hidden sagas are revealed. The models have taken on magical new forms, some like legendary vessels emerging from sinister fogs to stalk and surprise an enemy, others as if lost and drifting at sea, or waiting for the tide to turn, or caught in a terrifying storm. 
The premiere exhibition for Voyages:
Media Space, 2nd Floor 
Science Museum 
Exhibition Rd
London, SW7 2DD

Exhibition runs from 14th March – 25th June 2017. Admission free.