Family Intimacies 

Family Intimacies is a visual documentation of Edwin Low's family which is spread out across the globe. While the project serves as a tribute to the Low, (or "Lau") family, Anderson & Low have also used this to consider the themes of memory, place, and identity. Using photography as the main medium of discourse, this exhibition introduces not just ritualistic and site-specific content - portraits of family members in respective homes, places in China, ethnographic images of a funeral procession - but also displays the process of 'unpacking' the family as a concept - its stories, memories, archival photos - and how this shapes history. 
Family Intimacies also mirrors our understanding of how we begin to view our own family trees. In mapping out the Low family tree, this exhibition features the personal and the conceptual facets of what make up the idea of 'family', both in the present and in the remembering. 
Family Intimacies was premiered at the National University of Singapore Museum, Singapore, from January to April 2012. A catalogue of the exhibition was produced by the museum. 
Seventh Sister Twin Sisters Third Brother's son from second marriage and Grandson(Son of Duaghter from first marriage) outside Parent's home, Kuala Lumpur First Sister's Second Son with Second Wife (pregnant), wit triplets from first marriage, and adopted son, at home, Kuala Lumpur First Sister and Husband in formal reception room of their house, Kuala Lumpur Second Sister's Second Son, Wife, Son & Duaghter in their fropnt garden, Kuala Lumpur Eighth Sister's Second Son in his temporary accommodation in Third Sister's home, Kuala Lumpur Sixth Sister's Husband at home, UK Seventh Sister's Eldest Son with Wife, with pet dog in their wholesale clothing store, Kuala Lumpur Third Sister's Fourth Son with Wife and three Daughters outside their suburban home, Kuala Lumpur Third Brother with Wife by the sawmill where they work, Kuala Lumpur Eighth Sister's First Son, in front of Washington Memorial, Washington, DC First Brother's Second Daughter with Family, training at golf driving range in Kuala Lumpur Photographs above alter in living room- Mother's Father (above) and Mother's First Brother (below) Standing by old people's centre (former Kindergarten) in Mother's home village Hui'an China Courtyard in Mother's childhood home, Hui'an China The bridge built by Father, his Brother, and Father's First Son, with distant relatives from the Low clan Inside Father's Childhood room - his cupboard and the earth-floored room are still as they were Standing in front of alter in Father's childhood home, Nan'an, Fujian, China Factory in China photographed by Father in the 1960's Cultural revolution photographed by Father in the 1960's Worker in China photographed by Father in the 1960's Mother during trip to China photographed by Father in the 1960's