Chrysalis is a radical artistic metamorphosis that created new, abstract, colour works from from Anderson & Low's earlier series based on architecture. 

Primarily instinctual and emotional, the images and ideas have still been honed, worked, re-worked and fashioned with a series of rational principles - yet for all this rigour they remain more instinctual than constructed. Referencing nature, mathematics, colour theory, world cultures, art history, modernism, literature, music, as well as their own previous works, Anderson & Low created a new project that is both contemporary and timeless. 

The boundaries of their earlier works have become bridges to the next aesthetic stage of development, as elements from those images are distorted, transformed, translated, repeated, kaleidescoped, re-worked and re-coloured. One photograph becomes, another propelling it forward to feed into structural lines of form, which adhere together seamlessly. 

The combination of composition and clarity of feeling in Anderson & Low's work gives each image from Chrysalis a full-bodied presence, which is undeniably crossing both fine art and historical boundaries with verve and there is an unmistakable musicality to these works. The poetic, oblique and sometimes referential titles add to the powerful feeling that these works come from a different space, an alternative world, one into which the viewer is pulled with inexorable power and delight. The boundaries between photography and other visual arts have been completely and effortlessly shattered. 

Chrysalis was premiered at Light & Sie Gallery in 2007. 

Works have been acquired by the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK; the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, USA; The Akron Museum of Art, Ohio, USA; The Southeast Photography Museum, Daytona, Florida, USA. 
Dark Mandala Ice Storm Desire In an Autumn Garden Memories of a Skyscraper Bella Donna City for Paul Sounds of a Parade  Dream of an Architect We are Ku Nostalgia The Filled Garden Circus Dancing in my Head Clavecin Oculaire Sound & Light Three Reds 3 (Cropped Version) Three Reds - Arrangement Three Reds 3 Three Reds 2 Three Reds 1 Voyager Four Shells  - arrangement Leaf Blankets Flying, In the Light of Dusk Celebration Under the Waterfall Such Sweet Thunder Rooms with Brittle Views Pulsar 13. Four Seasons - arrangement